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Certified Sites

Certified Sites

Helping Communities and Businesses Grow

A Certified Site designation serves as a pre-qualification, indicating that a property’s title is clear; that it possesses sufficient utilities and other infrastructure for industrial use, and that it is properly zoned and has adequate transportation access for such uses, among other criteria.

WEDC sponsors the Certified Sites Program to enhance the state’s appeal to companies not currently located here. Working with WEDC, communities can obtain Certified Sites designation for properties at a much lower cost than they would pay to pursue the designation on their own through an independent consultant.

Wisconsin currently has 17 Certified Sites. Since the program’s launch in 2012, 17 development projects have taken place on 10 sites, with a total capital investment of more than $315 million, investment that may not have occurred without the Certified In Wisconsin Program to connect developers and owners.

Submitting Your Site for Certification

General Timelines

  • January: Applications available
  • Early March: Applications due
  • March through April: Reviews and identification of sites to inspect
  • April through May: Arrange and conduct site inspection visits; issue feedback letters
  • June through August: Certification takes place

Spreading the Word About Certified Sites

For all Wisconsin properties that have been designated as Certified Sites, WEDC provides a high-profile, multi-pronged marketing strategy, marketing the sites to national site selection consultants to complement the local community’s own marketing efforts for the site. Components of the strategy include:

  • Exclusive billing on, WEDC’s one-stop site selection resource listing available sites and buildings throughout the state, along with demographic information
  • A unique landing page for each Certified Site with links to all site-related documentation and mapping
  • WEDC assists in soliciting earned media for all new sites being certified, as well as development on the site.
  • A significant investment in Google AdWords promoting relocating to Wisconsin, so that internet users across the U.S. who enter business relocation-related search terms receive targeted messages from WEDC relating to assistance and available sites
  • A Google display campaign that serves up a Certified Sites In Wisconsin® ad with editorial content relevant to this message across thousands of websites, reaching targeted users across the country
  • A highly targeted print marketing campaign that focuses on national site selectors

For more information, email or call WEDC’s business development manager:

Coleman Peiffer

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