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Idle Sites Redevelopment Program

Idle Sites Redevelopment Program

Bringing new life to idle sites

Redeveloped idle industrial and commercial sites can again become generators for economic development and an improved quality of life for the cities and communities where they are located. The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation’s (WEDC’s) Idle Sites Redevelopment Program helps communities pursue this opportunity.

How it works

The Idle Sites Redevelopment Program offers grants to Wisconsin communities for implementation of redevelopment plans for large commercial or industrial sites that have been idle, abandoned, or underutilized for a period of at least five years.

Grants of up to $500,000 are available. Eligible sites include industrial properties of 5 acres or more or commercial properties of 10 acres or more.

Award funds are limited to 30 percent of project costs including demolition, environmental remediation, or site-specific improvements defined in the redevelopment plan to advance the site to shovel-ready status or enhance the site’s market attractiveness.

Eligibility requirements

Grants may be made to cities, villages, towns, tribal entities or governmental entities for idle industrial sites exceeding five acres in size or commercial properties exceeding 10 acres in size where redevelopment is impeded due to existing site conditions.

Preference will be given to sites that are located in high-density urban areas or in central business districts.

An approved redevelopment plan demonstrating strong potential for significant measurable economic benefits such as increased generation of property taxes and the creation of full-time permanent jobs will increase the competitiveness of a proposed project.

If you have questions about the Idle Sites Redevelopment Program, please contact a WEDC Regional Economic Development Director.