Using Video to Promote Your District


The medium of video has remarkable power to inform, entertain, persuade and captivate. For evidence of this, look no further than our children. It was an eye-opening moment when I realized that for my own children, it wasn’t movies and shows on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon that were mesmerizing them the most—rather, YouTube was their platform of choice.

Five Ways Storefronts Can Drive Traffic


Although businesses usually spend a great deal of time thinking about product offerings, sales and marketing, they often neglect the number-one sales tool available to them: their storefront. In some cases, businesses are hesitant to invest money in a property they don’t own, while others fear the time and cost of a renovation project.

Spend any time in the downtown development world, and you’ll learn that most practitioners cringe when they hear the word “demolition.” It’s an involuntary reaction stemming from years of seeing perfectly sound structures falling to the wrecking ball—buildings that could very well have been rehabilitated and reused.

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There I was, sitting in the audience listening to Harry Boyte deliver his keynote, Small Cities: Centers of a Democratic Renaissance, at the 20th Conference of Small City and Regional Community hosted by UW- Stevens Point’s Center for the Small City in Wausau in 2015, when I made the connection.