Co-working: Not just a high-tech trend


Co-working has been a trendy topic the first spaces opened in 2010. For most of this time, the trend has been concentrated mostly in larger cities. The movement has continued to gain steam, with nearly 14,000 co-working spaces now operating worldwide, and about 2,500 new spaces per year being added. No longer just for high-tech workers, co-working spaces now come in a variety of forms – there are spaces that cater to artists, makers, remote workers, the self-employed professional and startups of all types.

Sustaining Family-Owned Businesses in Downtown


Whether a business begins when a husband-and-wife team goes into business together, or with a parent-child partnership, family-owned businesses often have close ties to the community and can be powerful advocates on behalf of the community. However, 70 percent of all privately owned businesses will change hands in the coming decade as Baby Boomers retire, and only one-third of family businesses successfully make this transition. Businesses can significantly improve their odds by undertaking three critical initiatives.

Farmers markets are a common sight in many Wisconsin communities. Markets create activity during off-peak hours, support local entrepreneurs, and increase access to healthy foods. Increasingly, these markets also incorporate performances from local arts groups, cooking demonstrations, food trucks and community engagement.

The Homesteader Pantry, open four days a week, welcomes more than 10 local producers as part of an indoor year-long market. The storefront provides many local artisans the opportunity to grow their business in a low-risk environment, illustrating the power of local entrepreneurial programs to cultivate a unique local business mix.

When people hear the word “entrepreneur,” the picture that comes to mind may be a high-tech startup or an enterprising inventor with a new gadget. However, 91 percent of downtown storefronts are locally owned and operated, and these businesses are entrepreneurial ventures in the truest sense of the word.  Webster’s dictionary defines an entrepreneur as […]