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Idle Sites Redevelopment

Central Wisconsin Applied Research Park, Port Edwards

WEDC provided $1 million toward the $9.5 million first phase of the Central Wisconsin Applied Research and Business Park development. DMI Acquisitions LLC is the lead developer for the project, which will redevelop the former mill site.

Century City, Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Redevelopment Authority received $1 million from the Idle Industrial Sites Program for the $5.7 million development of a 20-acre parcel as part of Century City Business Park. Projects supported included enhancements to the Century City Greenway and Gateway Infrastructure Project. The needed improvements include high-capacity power generation and connectivity and environmental cleanup. Completion of quality infrastructure will help establish Century City as a state-of-the-art business park for advanced manufacturing.

Drexel Town Square, Oak Creek

WEDC’s contribution of $1 million in Idle Sites Redevelopment funding was leveraged to attract $9.5 million in local funding for the multi-phase Drexel Town Square project, which includes development of a $10.5 million parking structure to support a medical clinic and other retail uses on the 85-acre former Delphi Manufacturing site now known as Drexel Town Square. The clinic will bring 240 highly paid workers and hundreds more of patients to Drexel Town Square each day.

East Riverfront, Wausau

The City of Wausau received $1 million in Idle Industrial Sites Redevelopment grant funds to be used in conjunction with private funding as well as city funds and four other grants to implement one portion of the $82 million East Riverfront redevelopment project. The funds from WEDC will be used for sewer/water extension, public space, additional public parking, overhead utility reduction and marketing/promotion. The site represents 21 acres on the Wisconsin River, incorporating six former industrial facilities/parcels. Redevelopment of the first 16-acre site will include $6 million in city investment and $20 million in private investment, resulting in 340 residential units, 38,000 square feet of office space and 77,000 square feet of commercial space.

Garver Feed Mill, Madison

In 2016, WEDC awarded $500,000 toward the $4 million redevelopment of the historic Garver Feed Mill and adjacent 10.5-acre site into an artisanal food processing facility including a food incubator, office and retail tenants and hotel/residential space.

Jen-Weld, Oshkosh

Oshkosh received $375,000 in Idle Sites Redevelopment Program funding for their $1.5 million redevelopment of the former Jen-Weld manufacturing site. The site will include mixed-use development with residential, commercial and office space, including a grocery store, located on a 27-acre riverfront site. Upon completion, the project is expected to represent $60 million in private investment.

Larson Cannery, Green Bay

WEDC contributed $425,000 toward the $4.5 million redevelopment of the former Larsen Cannery along the Fox River. The site will be home to an upscale office, retail and residential development ultimately incorporating $25 million in private investment.

Merrill Equipment/Milk Page, Merrill

WEDC provided $417,250 toward $1.5 million in planned site improvements on the long-vacant Milk Page site. The project will allow the adjacent Merrill Equipment Company to expand, address environmental concerns, create additional commercial acreage within city limits, and connect downtown to a regional trail system along the river.

NewPage, Kimberly

In 2016, WEDC awarded $500,000 to the Village of Kimberly to redevelop the long-vacant, 90-acre New Page Paper Mill site, located along the Fox River. Ultimately, the project will include a $12 million mixed-use neighborhood including 60,000 square feet of commercial space and 800 residential units.

Parkland Mall, Muskego

WEDC awarded Muskego $500,000 toward the $3 million redevelopment of the long-vacant Parkland Mall property. Ultimately the property, located at a key intersection within the city, will be home to the $24 million Parkland Towne Center development, which will include a Sendik’s grocery, 90 units of housing and 53,000 square feet of additional commercial space.

Reed Street Yards, Milwaukee

The Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee received $1 million from WEDC’s Idle Sites Redevelopment Program to assist in the redevelopment of Reed Street Yards, approximately 17 acres of vacant land that was formerly a rail yard and truck terminal. Specifically, the redevelopment authority is seeking to attract a water technology subsidiary of Rexnord Corp. from outside of Wisconsin to build a 65,000-square-foot facility, and General Capital is planning to build two 80,000-square-foot multi-tenant buildings marketed toward companies in the water cluster. The construction of these three buildings will have a catalytic impact on the development of the rest of Reed Street Yards and the growth of the water cluster in the greater Milwaukee region. Funding from the Idle Sites Redevelopment Program will be used to offset environmental remediation costs and site preparation costs associated with these three building sites.

Royster-Clark, Madison

WEDC provided $534,000 toward the redevelopment of the 27-acre Royster-Clark site. The site was developed by Ruedebusch Development in partnership with Stonehouse Development, with new development including apartments aimed at low-income and disabled residents, commercial development and the construction of a library. Veridian Homes is also looking at developing 57 lots of single-family housing as a second phase of the project.

RR Donnelly, Waterloo

Waterloo received $800,000 in Idle Sites Redevelopment funding for redevelopment of a 20-acre vacant RR Donnelly industrial site in downtown Waterloo along the Maunesha River. The sitewill be home to a $17 million mixed-use development planned to include infill apartment redevelopment, a senior housing campus, manufacturing warehouse expansion and renovation of headquarters facilities for a tech hub and data center.

Ironworks, Beloit

WEDC contributed $1 million toward the $35 million redevelopment of the former Beloit Corp. facility into the Ironworks office/tech park. The project began in 2002, and includes the conversion of multiple plant buildings into high-tech office space as well as site improvements such as creation of a spine road, pedestrian bridge across the river and public art projects.

Walker's Point, Milwaukee

The neighborhood has housed water-related businesses since the city's early days, and is currently experiencing a renaissance.