Company Profile: Ebullient


Tim Shedd, CEO and CTO of Ebullient  With computers’ growing performance capabilities, big data centers often face the challenge of keeping their machines from overheating while computing. We recently spoke with Tim Shedd, CEO and CTO of Ebullient Precision Cooling Systems, who illuminated some of the key issues associated with keeping computers cool, and outlined his company’s

Wisconsin Innovation Awards Competition Announces Finalists


Thirty-five companies and nonprofits will advance to the final stage of the 2016 Wisconsin Innovation Awards (WIA) as they try to prove that they are among the state’s top visionaries and trendsetters. Finalists comprise fuel and engine innovations, medical devices, biotechnology companies, food delivery and classroom fundraising services, among others. The finalists were selected out

Never short on innovative ideas, the pioneers behind early-stage companies benefit greatly from the support of a structured environment to focus, cultivate and grow their businesses, a need that Madworks Seed Accelerator seeks to fulfill for Wisconsin entrepreneurs. Based in Madison, Madworks Seed Accelerator runs three 10-week programs a year. During each, six early-stage companies get […]

As explored in last week’s post, Wisconsin is home to rapidly expanding health technology and biomedical sectors, which benefit greatly from the state’s ability to provide the necessary tools and knowledge needed to succeed. Playing a key role are Wisconsin’s renowned academic institutions: both UW-Madison’s School of Medicine and Public Health (SMPH) and Medical College of Wisconsin […]