Simply Incredible Foods LLC

In Search of a Sweet Solution

Consumers are becoming more and more concerned about limiting their sugar intake, and thus are demanding products without added sugar. Creating such a product proved difficult when it came to cranberries, given their naturally tart and bitter taste.

Less Bitter Cranberries, Without Chemicals

If a better way to sweeten cranberries was to be discovered, it makes sense that it would happen in Wisconsin, where nearly 70 percent of the world’s cranberry supply is grown. Indeed, Simply Incredible Foods, of Port Edwards, developed a patented non-chemical extraction procedure that removes most of the bitterness from frozen cranberries. As a result, the berries taste sweet, even with no sugar added. The product, marketed under the brand name Cransations, is sold primarily to manufacturers in bulk, but a retail line was recently launched for sale in the freezer section of grocery stores. The company has also developed a unique type of cranberry juice that is much more flavorful than normal cranberry juice; this premium juice is used in wine and juice bottling facilities in the U.S. and Canada.

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