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Quantifying the Unknown

Uncertainty is a formidable obstacle for a diverse range of manufacturing fields, including aerospace; automotive; energy, power and control; industrial machinery; health technology; and pharmaceuticals. A product is doomed if it looks great on paper but doesn’t work in the real world, so new products commonly undergo many rounds of simulation, testing and redesign before being formally launched. This process is time-consuming and costly—but Madison-based SmartUQ has a solution. SmartUQ’s proprietary software utilizes advanced analytics to quantify uncertainty, drastically accelerate the testing and design cycle, and increase confidence in decisions. This translates into reduced costs, better designs, shorter time to market, and decreased risk for SmartUQ’s customers.

Unique Analytical Solutions to Boost Confidence in Decisions

In business four years, SmartUQ counts Fortune 500 companies among its customers. The company continues to expand into new industries, and is growing rapidly, hiring programmers, engineers, and sales and marketing professionals and doubling the number of people it employs every year. In addition to its proprietary software, SmartUQ offers technical assistance and support, as well as consulting, for companies with complex problems they are seeking to solve through modeling and analytics. “We started the company based on the requests we were getting from a number of large engineering companies,” says SmartUQ Chief Scientist Peter Qian, who is also a professor in the Department of Statistics and the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “We’re proud to say that SmartUQ has been able to solve some of the most difficult and longstanding problems in the industry.”

(August 2016)

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