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Matching Smart Consumers with Smart Locations

The vast majority of consumers—more than 84 percent—are equipped with a smart mobile device, creating vast opportunities for companies to reach consumers on the go and capitalize on location data to create an ever more personalized experience with their brands. SOLOMO capitalizes on these opportunities, bridging the digital and physical worlds by building “smart locations” to match today’s smart consumers.

Getting Connected to Improve the Customer Experience

The Madison-based company, which bills itself as the marketing cloud for the physical world, gives marketers rich insights, campaign flexibility and tool integration, while equipping consumers with the privacy controls they desire. A certified Qualified New Business Venture, the company raised $1.7 million in venture capital funding in 2013. Potential uses for its technology include serving coupons to customers based on their location within a store; helping people navigate large venues such as convention centers, airports and hospitals; and telling a 911 operator an emergency caller’s precise location within a building.

(March 2014)

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