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Export Q&A: Access International Expertise

Q: What is WEDC’s Global Network?

A: WEDC’s Global Network provides resources to Wisconsin businesses that are looking to tap into the international market and export their products globally. The Global Network uses its expertise and market intelligence to help companies pursue export opportunities specially designed to meet business needs.

Q: How can WEDC’s Global Network help me identify international business opportunities?

A: IMG_0139WEDC’s team of market development directors works with other state agencies and trade representatives in 54 countries to provide you the insights and contacts you need to develop and execute market-specific business development strategies. Once you’ve worked with a market development director to determine your business need, they will put you in touch with on-the-ground contacts in your target market who will provide project-specific services to help your business grow.

Q: Who makes up WEDC’s team of market development directors?

A: For questions on international business opportunities, please contact:

Q: What services are provided by WEDC’s Global Network?

A: Services provided by WEDC’s Global Network include:

  1. Industry, Product and Market Assessments
    • Macroeconomic and Industry Analysis
    • Competitive Product Analysis
    • Marketing and Sales Channels
    • Tariffs, Taxes and Other Costs
    • Regulatory Issues
    • Product Review (up to 5 HTS numbers)
  2. Partner Search
    • Market Assessment
    • Agent, Distributor, Representative Vetting
    • Business Appointments
    • Teleconference Options
    • In-Country Meeting Assistance
  3. Meeting Facilitation
    • Meeting Coordination
    • Travel Logistics
    • Service Provider Referrals
  4. Custom Projects
    • Hourly Change
    • Specialized Research Reports
    • Marketing Functions
    • Company Representation

Q: How many trade representatives are part of WEDC’s Global Network?

A: There are more than 15 trade representatives, who represent over 35 countries around the globe. WEDC’s Global Network members represent the following countries: China, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Botswana, Mauritius, Malawi, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Germany.

WEDC trade representatives recently visited Wisconsin to meet with business executives throughout the state and witness, firsthand, the strength of the various industries here. Trade representatives from a variety of countries, including China, Brazil, Canada, South Korea, the Middle East and Germany took part in the weeklong visit.

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