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Export Q&A: Global Trade Ventures

Q: What are Global Trade Ventures?

A: Global Trade Ventures are business trips for companies interested in exporting products and services from Wisconsin to a targeted international market, region or country. At each trade venture location, attendees participate in pre-arranged, customized meetings with companies whose needs or capabilities align with their export objectives. Whether businesses are looking for customers or distributers to help reach their target market (or both), trade ventures deliver the intelligence and the contacts they need. With each trade venture, WEDC provides both financial and market intelligence support to participating exporting businesses.

Q: How can Global Trade Ventures benefit me and my business?

A: One of the primary reasons WEDC offers regular trade ventures around the world is to provide Wisconsin businesses with access to the world’s fastest growing markets. Through the trade ventures, WEDC helps business leaders create and build international relationships in person. Also, WEDC schedules one-on-one consultations for businesses to meet with representatives who are well-informed of their country’s trade laws and regulations.

For Schofield-based Greenheck Fan, the leading supplier of air movement and control equipment, continued international growth is a large component of its business expansion strategy. In April 2013, Dave Kallstrom, president of the International and Ventilation Solutions Division at Greenheck, attended the Global Trade Venture to China, where WEDC helped him arrange meetings with potential sales partners.

Prior to the trip, Kallstrom was unaware of the vast amount of assistance that WEDC provides to Wisconsin companies interested in international exporting opportunities. He believes the organization is a valuable resource in assisting companies with gaining access to key contacts in international markets.

“The trade mission trip opened my eyes and gave me a new perspective on the assistance that the state can provide in introducing us to contacts in these new markets,” said Kallstrom. “We visited the U.S. Embassy while we were in China and met with various people that could connect us with the key players there.”

Q: What are the upcoming Global Trade Venture locations?

A: In the coming months, WEDC is planning trips to:

  • Canada
  • Middle East
  • India
  • Southeast Asia
  • Eastern Europe

If interested in attending upcoming Global Trade Ventures, or for more information on the program, contact Rachel Best at

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