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Monthly Market Updates

Export Q&A: Monthly Market Updates

Q: What are WEDC Market Updates?

A: Market updates provided by WEDC are monthly reports that highlight the latest developments and exporting opportunities occurring in key countries and industries. A continually changing global, political and economic landscape means new opportunities arise regularly for Wisconsin companies. WEDC’s market updates ensure that companies in the state have access to data, insights and information on specific exporting opportunities in more than 27 different countries and 11 industries.

Q: Why should my company use Market Updates? 

A: Developing a successful international growth strategy begins with understanding where the greatest opportunities exist for your business. Whether your company is currently exporting, considering exporting or would like to expand its international footprint, WEDC’s market updates provide data and insights to allow your company to capitalize on timely in-country developments. These reports, along with other key tools and resources from WEDC, can assist Wisconsin companies seeking to develop and expand export market opportunities.

Q: How are these reports updated?

A: Through the global network of market development directors based in Wisconsin and global trade representatives located around the world, WEDC is able to provide the key data, insights and information available in the market updates. Together, these individuals have a finger on the pulse of legislative, social, economic and geographic factors that affect the demand for Wisconsin-made products around the world. These representatives help inform the timely and relevant in-country expertise highlighted in the monthly market updates.

Q: How do I sign up to receive Market Updates?

A: Once you register to receive the InterConnect e-newsletter, you will automatically receive the InterConnect Global Market Update from WEDC. This monthly e-newsletter features a handful of countries, highlighting the latest developments and exporting opportunities. To register for InterConnect and InterConnect Global Market Update, please visit: /exporting/resources/interconnect/.

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