Central and South America and the Caribbean

More than half of all U.S. free trade agreements are with countries in Latin America. In addition to Mexico, free trade partners of the U.S. include Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. Economies across the region have a rapidly growing base of middle-class consumers and diversifying industries. Latin American markets offer a unique combination of similar language and business cultures. These countries also have made clear commitments to opening their markets and integrating supply chains with the U.S.

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Brazil is Latin America’s largest, and the world’s seventh-largest, economy. With 3.3 million square miles, borders with 10 other countries, and 4,650 miles of coastline, Brazil is the largest country in Latin America and the fifth-largest in the world. Brazil has a large and diversified economy that offers experienced U.S. companies many opportunities to partner and export their goods and services. Brazil is an industrial and agricultural giant that has abundant natural resources, a developed industrial base, high standards in scientific research, and substantial human capital. The country offers excellent business opportunities for Wisconsin exporters with state-of-the-art technologies and innovative products.


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Chile Chile

As one of South America’s most stable and secure nations, Chile is a strong economy that has emerged as a global leader in trade and investment. Chile continues to be a major trading partner and export market for U.S. companies, due largely to its open market policies, absence of tariffs, stable democratic government, solid business practices and low corruption. Although Chile has a population of only 17 million, its open trade and investment policies have attracted the notice of many foreign firms, and it is an important trade and investment market for U.S. and Wisconsin companies. At the same time, the small market size has led some companies to overlook Chile, presenting interesting niche markets and solid opportunities for Wisconsin companies to seize.


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