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Chippewa Valley Bean Co.


Chippewa Valley Bean Co. is the largest exporter of dark red kidney beans in the U.S., and has the largest kidney bean processing facility in North America. Founded in 1973, the company grew out of a family farm that had worked the same land in Menomonie since 1858.




In today’s globalized economy, companies that want to grow must include exports in their strategy. Chippewa Valley Bean executives regularly attend overseas trade shows to gather intelligence on competitors and market trends. Thanks to a proprietary seed breeding program and custom internal grading system, the company is able to offer an extremely high-quality product that sells well in markets around the world. While the company has traditionally focused on Western Europe, in recent years it has begun to focus on markets in Asia. In recent years, the company has grown its exports from 25 to 60 percent of all sales, and is poised for further growth. The company received the Governor’s Export Achievement Award in 2015.

(May 2015)

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