Diamond Discs International


Diamond Discs International, located in West Allis, Wisconsin, sells quality diamond-edged cutting tools and diamond-impregnated products for use in the construction industry. As a minority small business owner, President Ugo Nwagbaraocha knew that to grow his business he needed to tap into available public certification programs to help him access global markets. He sought and earned certifications from Wisconsin’s Department of Transportation, the Department of Administration and the Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation (WWBIC).


These certifications give companies like Diamond Disc a chance to bid on federal and state procurement contracts and reach markets not otherwise available. As a result, Diamond Discs was selected as one of 12 delegates to attend the Council of Great Lakes Governors’ 2011 trade venture to South Africa. While there, Nwagbaraocha met with 30 businesses, including pre-qualified buyers and product end users. The company’s certification status was a valuable asset. Diamond Discs is now doing business with multiple South African countries.

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