Gamber-Johnson Success Story


SIDESHOTSUNSETOver the years, Gamber-Johnson LLC, a leading supplier of rugged computer mounting systems and vehicle mounting components, has built a reputation for providing quality, innovative products. The company was founded in Stevens Point in 1954, and at the time, manufactured wooden stereo cabinets. Along with advancements in technology came Gamber-Johnson’s transition to supplying vehicle mounting components and computer mounting systems. The company has continued to evolve, designing and manufacturing hardware to safely hold electronic devices in vehicles. In the early 2000s, the company recognized the need for mounting equipment in overseas markets. The company had already begun receiving orders from overseas.


While Gamber-Johnson began to notice a global trend in mobile and connected workforces in 2011, the company had not yet developed an international growth strategy to address this market. In 2012, the company attended ExporTech™, a three-session training program that helps small- to med-size manufacturers rapidly develop and execute a successful export strategy. Company representatives received real-world testimonials. The sessions also provided a series of various how-tos. After Gamber-Johnson conducted market research and developed a business plan, WEDC provided the company with International Market Access Grants, State Trade and Export Promotion funding as well as overseas market intelligence to help inform the company’s international growth strategy. The company’s exports grew 650 percent between 2011 and 2014. Gamber-Johnson continues to expand its export strategy, adding more international markets every year.

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