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Milwaukee-based Prolitec is a leader in the development and deployment of innovative technologies and solutions for aerobiology and indoor air quality. The company’s proprietary technology allows diffusing scent in an efficient manner. Its products can be used to enhance indoor air quality or to infuse the air with an aesthetically pleasing scent, a concept Todd Shaw, the company’s vice president of operations, compares to “a subscription for scent” similar to a subscription for music that might be piped through a store’s speaker system with the goal of evoking positive emotions in shoppers.


With the help of the ExporTech™ Program, Prolitec was able to quadruple its export sales in two years. In 2013, when the company received the Governor’s Export Achievement Award, it was exporting its products to 73 countries and expected to enter one dozen more shortly thereafter.

(May 2013)

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