The DeLong Company Success Story


Since 1929, The DeLong Company, headquartered in Clinton, Wis., has been committed to serving agricultural communities with quality feed and seed products and services. The family-owned and managed organization is a grain elevator and major supplier of food grains, fertilizer and chemical inputs and services. With annual sales exceeding $900 million, the company generates its revenue in five key areas: agronomy, grain, seed, wholesale distribution and transportation. In 1982, DeLong noticed a demand for specialty grain in various international markets. Specifically, the company recognized there was a growing need for non-genetically modified (non-GMO) soybeans and specialty corn in Japan.


At that time, DeLong decided to expand globally by shipping ocean containers of food grade non-GMO soybeans and specialty corn to the Japanese market. With the availability of competitive container freight, DeLong was able to utilize its rich soil and large production area to provide a premium product to the global market. Over the years, DeLong has expanded its business operations to capitalize on market opportunities throughout Southeast Asia and Pacific Rim countries. The company currently supplies the region with food/feed grade corn and soybeans and various feedstuffs (distiller grains, soybean meal and corn gluten meal). Today, DeLong operates 21 locations across the U.S. with newly built facilities in Omaha, Neb., Newark, N.J., and Edgerton, Kan., positioning the company near major ports and railways that support its global trade initiatives.

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