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Gordon Aluminum Industries Inc.

A Manufacturer Looks to Cut Energy Costs

Gordon Aluminum is a one-source aluminum extruder and fabricator located in Schofield. After realizing that the company’s energy costs could be much lower, owner A.J. Gordon approached the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership about participating in its Profitable Sustainability Initiative (PSI). The program, created in 2010 and funded by a grant from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, seeks to help companies find opportunities to improve efficiency and sustainability in energy, logistics, product and process innovation and environmental improvements.

Leading the Way in Sustainable Practices

With thaluminume input of PSI’s expert team, Gordon Aluminum used controlled experimentation to increase its product yield by 18 percent by changing the design of their die. After identifying uneven temperatures as a cause of product failure with the help of the PSI team, the company replaced several ovens, leading to increased efficiency and improved product yield. Over the course of the PSI process, Gordon Aluminum invested $300,000 in sustainable improvements, and Gordon estimates that the company earned back its entire investment, in the form of energy savings and increased product yield, in less than a year, while also greatly reducing its environmental impact in terms of energy usage, carbon dioxide emissions, solid waste and more. PSI is the only program of its kind in the world, adapted specifically for manufacturers’ needs and concerns.

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(March 2013)

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