Inside WEDC

As the state’s lead economic development agency, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) works collaboratively with more than 600 regional and local partner organizations, educational institutions and other government offices to help businesses, communities and individuals take advantage of new opportunities for growth and job creation through innovative market-driven programs.

Our Mission:

To advance and maximize opportunities in Wisconsin for businesses, communities and people to thrive in a globally competitive economy.

Our Vision:

Leveraging talented professionals and strategic partnerships, WEDC aspires to be a leading and widely-respected state economic development organization, helping Wisconsin elevate its quality of life and long-term economic prosperity for all residents.

Our Core Values:

Integrity – We adhere to the highest ethical standards of honesty and character while achieving our mission.

Respect – We value and support each other and operate according to the “golden rule.”

Accountability – As a public-private steward of taxpayer dollars, we monitor our actions and outcomes, celebrate our successes, and commit to continuous improvement.

Innovation – We embrace creative initiatives that leverage Wisconsin’s unique attributes.

Transparency – We track and share information to monitor organizational effectiveness.

Collaboration – We build strong internal and external relationships to accomplish our mission.

People – We attract and retain talented staff and foster an environment for continued professional growth and well-being.

Public Service – We share a common purpose of improving the lives of Wisconsin residents by creating economic opportunities through the businesses in which they work and the communities in which they live.

Customer Centeredness – We maintain the highest levels of responsiveness and service for the businesses and communities that are helping to grow Wisconsin’s economy—these are our customers.

A key component of WEDC’s success is the alignment between our programs and the critical drivers of the state’s economy which form our strategic pillars:

Business Development

Business, Investment and Talent Attraction

Community and Economic Opportunity

Strategic Economic Competitiveness

Wisconsin’s Brand Management and Promotion

Operational and Fiscal Excellence

To learn more about how WEDC helps build a strong and sustainable Wisconsin economy, contact us.