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Wisconsin Fosters Global Food Production

With its rolling countryside and climatic conditions well-suited for farming, Wisconsin has a strong history of success in food production. As a result, the state has drawn the attention of global leaders in the industry, many of whom have established operational facilities or headquarters in Wisconsin.

Kerry Continues Legacy in Wisconsin

Ireland-based Kerry Ingredients chose to locate here in 1987 — and has been expanding ever since. Today, Kerry has three locations throughout the state, including a regional headquarters in Beloit. In 2013, Kerry was looking for a way to enhance its operations to keep up with industry demands. After discussing business goals with WEDC and Washington and Racine County officials, Kerry decided to invest in its Sturtevant and Jackson facilities. WEDC provided a $300,000 forgivable loan to assist with an expansion of the Sturtevant facility and a $597,000 tax credit to support expansion of the Jackson facility. These two locations provided numerous value-added benefits, including a strong talent pool, robust transportation infrastructure and central proximity to North American customers and suppliers.

Read more about the support for this expansion in the Kerry Ingredients case study.

Andrew Lynch, director of research and development for nutritional beverages at Kerry, shares how the company has worked collaboratively with local officials and representatives at WEDC to meet expansion goals and grow its global footprint.

We value our strong partnerships with global food production leaders like Kerry, and look forward to continuing our legacy in food production for generations to come. For more information about growing or relocating in Wisconsin, contact me at 608.210.6813 or wade.goodsell@wedc.org, or visit Select.InWisconsin.com

Wade Goodsell

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