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Business Development

Business Development

Start, Grow And Reach New Markets

With a strategy grounded in collaboration, WEDC and statewide partners work together to offer a foundation upon which businesses can build, expand and reach new markets. This strategy supports business development through every stage, and ensures that efforts are coordinated and resources are available across local, regional and state levels.

New Business Startups And Early-Stage Investments ypweek 4.25.16

Collaboration in education, research and industry consistently produces business innovation. Our statewide network of industry accelerators, entrepreneurial associations, the UW-System and other public and private universities and technical colleges throughout the state has helped thousands of businesses start, grow and succeed.

Statewide, our network offers new business support services, programs and initiatives that encourage entrepreneurial activity and connect business owners with resources, training, and mentoring. From “big idea” to commercialization, WEDC helps advance startup activity throughout Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Business Retention/Growth

Along with our partner network, WEDC works with business and community leaders to help Wisconsin companies grow their operations through programs tailored to their specific situation.

Increased Exports

Making global markets more accessible requires an experienced staff and partners around the world. WEDC helps increase the global reach of Wisconsin companies through export assistance programs and in-country support from an international network of trade representatives with the skills and expertise needed to successfully navigate the global marketplace.

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We’re fortunate to live, work and recreate in a state with endless opportunities and a deep-rooted sense of community that draws upon local, regional and state resources to translate ideas into action. Our ideal location, industry leadership, robust supply chain, world-class R&D and skilled workforce provide assurance to businesses everywhere that Wisconsin is geared for their success.

Focusing on the growth and attraction of foreign direct investment (FDI) is also an important part of our business development efforts because it benefits both local suppliers and Wisconsin workers while increasing the momentum of the state’s economy.