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Operational and Fiscal Excellence


Operational And Fiscal Excellence

Setting Goals, Seeing Results

We know that we’re fulfilling our mission when our strategies become actions and produce measurable results. Seeing those results and knowing that we’re helping to create opportunities for our neighbors to prosper is why we come to work every day, and why we continuously strive to improve and never allow complacency to take root.

Program Outcomes

Annual Report On Economic Development

The intent of the Annual Report on Economic Development is to provide transparency and guide fiscal and programmatic management toward measurable and reportable results. Wisconsin’s economic development programs are designed to retain and attract businesses, create jobs and encourage economic growth. Recognizing the importance of measuring these programs, the Legislature crafted 2007 Wisconsin Act 125, requiring specified state agencies to report annually by October 1 on the economic development programs they administered during the prior fiscal year.

This report includes program information current at each agency as of June 30, 2015. WEDC’s online data will be updated quarterly. It is currently updated through Dec. 31, 2015.

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Complementary report resources

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Policies And Legislation In Wisconsin

To position Wisconsin as an economic leader, we need a regulatory environment that supports business. To that end, WEDC’s Office of Public Policy works to advance the state of economic development practices in Wisconsin, focusing on three key functional areas:

  • Research new initiatives and national best practices to produce an annual economic development policy package for Wisconsin. The policy package will include innovative approaches to advance the state’s business climate rankings.
  • Serve as a resource to legislators and state agencies to mitigate policies and practices that inhibit business and industry growth.
  • Build relationships with federal policy makers and agency leaders to influence policy and secure federal resources to advance Wisconsin business and industry growth objectives.