In Wisconsin

Strategic Economic Competitiveness

Strategic Economic Competitiveness

Powering our Competitive Advantage

With an increasingly attractive business climate and well established industry leadership in water, energy and food, we are drawing international attention to Wisconsin’s economic assets and bringing the state’s companies into the global conversation. A commitment from partners across the state helps set Wisconsin apart for its unique approach to public-private collaboration; effective economic development policies and programs; and solutions designed to solve global challenges.

Industry Cluster DevelopmentIFT

Wisconsin’s strength in key industries and the diversification of our economy helps our state stay competitive. WEDC works to implement strategic initiatives that support businesses within established and emerging industries where Wisconsin exhibits a distinct advantage. From biotechnology; food science; and advanced manufacturing to aviation; software development; and energy, power and control, Wisconsin understands how to leverage intersections across complementary fields to build the infrastructure and talent pool necessary for success.

Responsive Economic Development

From tax credits to innovative startups, loans to major manufacturers looking to expand, trade ventures to international markets or incentives to out-of-state businesses to relocate here, Wisconsin offers fertile ground for business and economic growth. Along with our 600+ statewide partners, WEDC provides access to the tools necessary for success in a competitive global marketplace.

Policies and Programs

Every initiative we develop is geared specifically to support the businesses, communities and people that drive Wisconsin’s economy.

Talent and Workforce Development

Wisconsin is renowned for the unmatched work ethic of its people. The success of companies operating here and the growth of the industries they belong to is directly attributable to our state’s highly skilled workforce. WEDC helps ensure Wisconsin’s workers possess the technical knowledge and adaptable skills necessary to meet evolving industry demands. We work closely with the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) and other state agencies to maximize workforce readiness with tax credits and training grants, as well as customized training programs through public schools, technical colleges and universities designed to prepare our students for the jobs of the future.