IN Force Network

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IN Force Network

Facilitating collaboration in economic and workforce development

The IN Force Network is a world-class customer relationship management (CRM) tool, offered by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) at the request of its partners. The IN Force Network is a high-performing and collaborative economic development network built on the Salesforce platform.

How it works

Interactions with many of the 650 partners across the state—economic development, workforce development and business assistance organizations, as well as technical colleges—made it clear that there was great opportunity to reduce misalignment and duplication and to better serve the citizens and companies of Wisconsin. The IN Force Network was built to give Wisconsin a competitive advantage for business retention, expansion and attraction, as well as job placement. This tool enables forecasting Wisconsin’s business, workforce and educational needs collectively online, and it connects economic and workforce development partners in a way no other state has yet tried.


The IN Force Network integrates the Skills Wisconsin platform—used by all 11 workforce development boards and their partners throughout Wisconsin. IN Force Network participants have access to data logged, stored, used and updated by WEDC and the Skills Wisconsin network. Conversely, IN Force Network participants share data with WEDC and Skills Wisconsin, allowing for better collaboration, coordination and integration among all participating parties. This system also saves participants from having to make additional software purchases, since multiple services are contained within the platform. The IN Force Network also includes a proprietary business retention and expansion module, which allows organizations to enter their own business retention and expansion data and compare them to other organizations’ data throughout the state at an aggregate level.

The various Salesforce platforms (IN Force Network, WEDC and Skills Wisconsin) communicate with one another, but WEDC is sensitive to participating organizations’ privacy and security concerns. Data are stored securely, with customized privacy controls so organizations can safeguard data they do not wish to share or are legally prohibited from sharing, and are only made available to other member organizations in the aggregate. (Detailed, individualized data are still available to the organization that entered the data.)

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