Your Questions about the IN Force Network Answered

What does the IN Force Network (IFN) give me access to?

You will have access to a segment of the same system that WEDC uses to manage business relationships. You will be able to access data and edit contact information WEDC has entered into the system, and will also be able to collaborate on shared information supplied by other economic developers throughout the state. The IN Force Network is integrated with Skills Wisconsin—the Salesforce platform developed by the Wisconsin Workforce Development Association and the eleven workforce development boards throughout Wisconsin—in order to maximize interagency collaboration.

What can I do in the system?

Users of IN Force can create and run reports on completed, ongoing and future projects and can use the system to communicate and collaborate with other economic and workforce development partners throughout the state.

Will the data I enter into IN Force be private?

General business (accounts) and contact data will be seen by all users in the system, much like a large Rolodex. This information is otherwise publicly available. If you are working with a company on a project (called an opportunity), this information is always private unless you decide to share it with another partner or a WEDC employee through specific sharing settings that you alone have access to.

WEDC employees are encouraged and able to share WEDC projects with you as a licensed IN Force Network user.  The data WEDC is able to share is exclusively WEDC data.

What is the cost of joining the IN Force Network?

Licenses for the IN Force Network are currently free and are indeterminately waived.

What if I already have business relationship data in another system?

The IN Force implementation team will work with you to get the data you have in another system into the IN Force Network.

Should the IN Force Network no longer be utilized after you enter data into it, WEDC will export your data out of the network into either an Excel or CSV format so you are able to enter it into a different system should you so choose.

Whom do I contact to learn more about joining the IN Force Network?

If you have questions about the IN Force Network or would like to join, please email us.

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