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2016 Deal Flow Snapshot shows strong investment growth

Wisconsin deal flow data from 2016 point to encouraging trends for startup growth. The total amount of investment increased by $7.4 million compared to the prior year, bringing the 2016 total to a record $261.7 million. These trends are highlighted in a new report, which provides insight into statewide deal flow trends in 2016.

The 2016 Wisconsin Deal Flow Snapshot also finds that the size of deals nearly doubled, reaching an average deal size of $810,000. Company valuation also grew significantly in 2016, indicating that the state’s startups are, on average, in a stronger position and are more attractive to investors than in 2015.

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In 2015, WEDC’s direct-assistance programs helped more than 300 companies generate $318 million in total capital. These companies, in turn, created more than 1,700 full-time jobs, paying $94 million in wages.

Wisconsin deal flow data for calendar year 2016 show encouraging trends. The total dollar amount of investment increased by $7.4 million compared to the prior year, bringing the 2016 investment total to a record $261.7 million. In addition, the average deal size in 2016 was $810,000—nearly twice the average for 2015.

In 2015, WEDC’s QNBV Program helped 75 startups throughout the state draw more than $176 million in total investment, with the help of $18.3 million in tax credits. A total of 180 companies are certified through the program, which is helping to create a thriving startup ecosystem in Wisconsin.

The first quarter of 2016 started out strong with 20 deals amounting to more than $31 million across the state. Additionally, angel and seed funding prevailed to be the highest grossing category with 14 deals bringing in more than $15 million.

Wisconsin had a strong 2015 for deal flow successes, with more than $231 million invested in 120 deals across numerous stages of company development, amounting to a 67 percent increase over 2014.

So far in 2015, Wisconsin has seen more than $136 million in funding for early-stage and emerging technology companies, according to the latest 2015 Wisconsin Deal Flow Snapshot. Additionally, the state had an increase in early-stage angel and venture capital, as well as a growing pipeline at the pre-seed and accelerator level.

Startups are making things happen In Wisconsin. Learn about the teams who are utilizing the Qualified New Business Venture Program to help grow their business in our state.

In 2013, 35 Wisconsin companies saw 40 venture financing deals that generated more than $80 million, and marked the third strongest year for venture deal flow in the state over the past decade.

In 2013, 41 new companies received QNBV certification and drew in more than $34 million in qualified investment and another $84 million in outside support to help their businesses succeed.

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