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A Leap Forward for Wireless Charging Technology

C-Motive Technologies is dedicated to creating the “most reliable, lightweight, energy- and cost-effective electric motors and non-contact power transfer devices on the market today.” With the help of UW-Madison’s Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, the company patented its technology to transfer electricity using nature’s electric fields, rather than the traditional method through a wire.

The company’s co-founders (CEO Justin Reed, Ph.D.; Chief Technology Officer Dan Ludois, Ph.D.; and Micah Erickson, Ph.D.) discovered the technology while working on a project for class during their doctoral studies at UW-Madison. After receiving Phase I SBIR funding through the National Science Foundation, C-Motive sought advice and additional funding from WEDC’s SBIR Advance Program, which helped the company refocus its business and commercialization plans. Shortly after, the founders applied for, and received, Phase II SBIR funding to raise sufficient funds to build a working prototype. Now in the midst of additional technical improvements and a move to a larger facility, the company is well on its way to producing a functional prototype for market.

Expanding the Company’s Vision for Broader Impact

When initially developing the technology, the C-Motive cofounders intended to use their C-Machine Capacitive Motors in large wind turbines. However, after completing the SBIR Advance Program, the trio refocused their efforts on using the technology in other applications. The Madison-based company is now focused on creating its motors and technology to be used in other existing products and equipment, depending on industry need. The SBIR Advance Program not only helped the C-Motive team shift their market focus to a safer first market, but also gave them access to Lean Startup training that helped the company to simplify and organize its business operations.

(October 2015)

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