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Esker Technologies LLC

Crucial Communications: Reliability Required

For public utility and emergency response functions, it’s of the utmost importance that communications networks be reliable. Yet, these systems are typically not able to use power lines for their functions—they require separate wiring that must be protected from interference, at increased expense and with limited flexibility.

Technology that Simplifies and Solves a Problem

Mequon-based Esker Technologies has developed a solution. The company’s patented ZeroWire technology enables sending communications and control messages over DC power wiring utilizing data coding with a narrow band phase modulation carrier. This solution minimizes the impact of interference and the sudden, unpredictable changes in impedance characteristic of DC power lines.

Esker has received a grant from the U.S. Air Force to evaluate the use of technology in surveillance satellites, and in 2008, the company received the prestigious “Most Innovative Product of the Year” from General Motors. Certified as a Qualified New Business Venture by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, Esker has spent the last three years testing the ZeroWire technology in independent labs and field testing it in vehicles in preparation for commercial introduction.

(June 2015)

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