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Fasetto LLC

File Sharing Technology Falls Behind

As mobile computing progressed by leaps and bounds with the evolution of smartphones and tablets, file sharing lagged behind. Ease of sharing and, therefore, productivity were hampered by low storage capacity in cloud storage services, limited in-app functionality, and a lack of compatibility of file formats among different devices.

Cloud Storage with a Twist

Fasetto LLC offers a solution. Founders Coy Christmas and Luke Malpass developed proprietary technology that can send a 1 GB file in an average of 10 seconds, compared to an estimated 6 minutes for other file-sharing services—and Fasetto enables sharing over wifi, a cellular data connection, or even between devices with no Internet connection at all.

The Superior-based startup raised its first $150,000 with a Kickstarter campaign. The company now employs 9 people and is certified as a Qualified New Business Venture, allowing its investors to receive tax credits for a percentage of the amount invested. Its file sharing and cloud storage service has nearly 1 million users, and the company has also developed Link, a solid state drive with one terabyte of storage, wearable on the wrist, to complement Fasetto’s Web and mobile platforms.

(June 2015)

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