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H2O Score

Obscuring the Issue of Water Consumption

When people are presented with information on how they can reduce water consumption, they’re more willing to take action to do so. But water bills typically don’t include much helpful information, or the information they do include is hard to understand.

Providing a Clear Solution

Wisconsin startup H2Oscore works with local water utilities to help residents and businesses better understand their water use and take control of their bills. The company’s founder, Marquette University political science professor McGee Young, conceived of the idea while teaching classes about water policy. H2Oscore developed the first customer dashboard for a water utility to provide usage information in real time, and an incentive program by which residents who save water receive discounts and gift certificates from local businesses. Individual residents can use H2Oscore in the municipalities that partner with the company; early adopters include Milwaukee, Waukesha, Grafton, Whitewater and Menomonie.

Read an interview with the H2Oscore founder

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(October 2014)

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