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We are taking a bold approach to creating new business opportunities in Wisconsin. From our global leadership in key growth industries to our statewide educational system designed to train a skilled workforce, we are delivering a climate that is business-ready.

In addition, we are one of only a few states in the nation with a balanced budget and fully funded pension system—providing businesses a level of confidence that is critical when expanding or relocating. Our competitive financial incentives, including tax credits and capital financing options, reinforce the state’s commitment to business success.

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Manufacturing & Agriculture Tax Credit

The Manufacturing and Agriculture Credit, which virtually eliminates the tax on income from manufacturing activity in the state. Learn more about this and other state tax incentives that encourage business growth and job creation. Read More

UNFI Case Study

A leading North American distributor of natural, organic and specialty foods felt that Wisconsin was ready to do business, and chose the state for its newest distribution center. Learn why they and other leading companies call Wisconsin home. Read More

Industry Strengths

Wisconsin’s leadership in traditional and emerging industries sets us apart, while a focus on innovation pushes them forward. From manufacturing and food processing to water technology and bioscience, we’re ready to support your business growth.

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