Research and Development

Where Education, Research and Industry Intersect

Innovation is the cornerstone of success in today’s technology and information-based global economy. And it’s a driving force behind Wisconsin’s world-class research and development sector. The University of Wisconsin conducts more than $1.2 billion per year in academic research and development. The University of Wisconsin also has the second largest investment endowment in the country, which has helped rank the school third in strength of research focus, and fourth in patent generation.

Connecting Public Institutions with the Private Sector

To make sure the technology and innovations discovered at our research institutions are ready to be applied to businesses every day, the state has developed a path to transfer applicable discoveries to private industry. The UW System vice president for economic development strengthens the relations between the UW System and businesses statewide, while also better connecting the system to drive economic growth.

The Wisconsin Alumni Research Fund (WARF) promotes, encourages and aids scientific research at UW–Madison, and helps commercialize the research for the benefit the university and the private sector. WiSys Technology Foundation works with the university to support research and technology development, linking on-campus innovators with industry leaders and streamlining technology transfer through patent and licensing activities—all while protecting the patents on new discoveries. Once the technology is in the private sector, Wisconsin is reaching out to investors from around the globe to make sure the discoveries are turned into viable business.

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