Exact Sciences

A Very Preventable, but Often Undetected, Cancer

Exact Sciences is a molecular diagnostics company committed to playing a role in the eradication of colorectal cancer, the second deadliest type of cancer in the U.S. As part of this mission, Exact Sciences developed and received FDA approval for Cologuard, the first noninvasive screening test for colorectal cancer that analyzes both stool DNA and blood biomarkers. Cologuard is available by prescription through health care providers.  The test offers people 50 and older at average risk for colorectal cancer an easy-to-use screening test they can do in the privacy of their own home.

Upon FDA approval of Cologuard in August 2014, Exact Sciences also received a proposed coverage memorandum from the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  Cologuard is the first product to take part in the joint FDA and CMS parallel review pilot program in which both agencies simultaneously reviewed medical devices. Colorectal cancer is among the most preventable, yet least detected cancers because nearly half of those who should be screened for the disease have not undergone adequate screening.

Toward a Better Test for Colon Cancer

Since relocating to Wisconsin in 2009, Exact Sciences has grown from three employees to a team of more than 500. Because of the success of Cologuard, the company in 2015 announced plans to invest more than $26 million in capital expenditures at its Madison facility, a project that calls for hiring more than 750 new employees through 2020. The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation is providing up to $9 million in state tax credits to reward the company’s commitment to Wisconsin.

(February 2015)

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