Why Wisconsin


Read more about why business is good in Wisconsin in WisconsinBiz, a publication dedicated to resources to help businesses grow in Wisconsin and to help businesses relocate to Wisconsin.

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More Than Resources and Incentives. It’s the Right Way to Do Business.

We’ve aligned our priorities to make Wisconsin a clear choice for businesses looking to start, relocate or expand their operations. From workforce development initiatives to state fiscal management tax policies, we’re helping to create an economic environment that helps Wisconsin businesses compete nationally and globally.

Our state has attributes that have always been very appealing to businesses.

  • Location—In the center of the U.S. and connected by infrastructure and major ports for quick access to markets around the world
  • Workforce—World-renowned, highly skilled employees ready to help your business advance
  • Industry Strengths—A global leader in several key industries, providing concentrated expertise, resources and infrastructure

With our bold approach to economic development policies and initiatives, we’ve created new opportunities to do business in Wisconsin.

To learn more about expanding or relocating your business in Wisconsin, email us.

Why Wisconsin

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