Providing Global Businesses Access to World-Leading Expertise

Wisconsin is home to a world-class research and development sector, led by the University of Wisconsin, which in 2012, invested more than $1.1 billion in academic research and development. Combined with a deep, highly specialized talent pool and significant patent activity, Wisconsin is the right location for domestic and international companies looking to increase their competitive advantage through strategic investment.

Venture Capital Investors

An entrepreneurial revolution is quietly moving across Wisconsin’s. Drawing on the State’s deep research and development capacities, entrepreneurs are starting and growing companies that are changing the global landscape in:

  • Clean technologies including energy and water related companies
  • Healthcare systems
  • Life sciences

These entrepreneurs are creating companies that promise to have a powerful impact globally. The companies they are creating offer exciting opportunities for venture investment.

Venture teams that are seeking introductions to Wisconsin companies and technologies need only contact WEDC’s investment team.

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Angel Investors

Wisconsin offers exciting opportunities for investors in early stage companies. For angel groups or individual angels that have experience in growing entrepreneurial companies and are looking for connections to new start-ups, Wisconsin offers a wealth of opportunity.

The Wisconsin Angel Network provides resources for angels and angel groups investing in the State.

Wisconsin offers generous incentives for angel investment in qualified companies. Additional information can be found here.

Why Wisconsin

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