Post-Crescent: Oshkosh Corp. Employees Have Hope

Post-Crescent: Oshkosh Corp. Employees Have Hope

Despite the recent announcement of layoffs, former employees say there is life after Oshkosh Corp.

Mass layoffs are never easy affairs.

They can depress a regional economy, push longtime employees into a crowded job market, strain families and require government assistance to support and retrain people in the name of recovery.

This summer more than 700 Oshkosh Corp. employees will look for new work in the wake of another layoff driven by declining orders for the company’s military transport trucks  Oshkosh also laid off employees in 2013.

But an odd thing happened after last year’s layoffs that gives hope to employees this time around as well: The region’s economy absorbed a significant portion of the 1,150 production and office employees Oshkosh Corp. laid off last year.

“It shows the brilliance of the economy up there,” said Reed Hall, CEO of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. “They’ve been through these issues before. The good news is there are not a lot of mass layoffs going on. Mass layoffs at a 10-year low, which is a good sign for our economy.”

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