WEDC seeking collaboration and investment during China trip

WEDC seeking collaboration and investment during China trip

MADISON, June 10, 2012 – Paul Jadin, CEO/Secretary of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, is in China, June 10-15, as part of a delegation led by University of Wisconsin-Madison. The trip to Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong will inaugurate UW-Madison’s first overseas outpost and include events aimed at deepening engagement with Chinese partners. Read more>>>

Jadin, and the WEDC International Development Team, will meet with key players in China to communicate Wisconsin’s leading position in research and innovation, and will explore specific areas of collaboration in environmental/water technology. Jadin will meet with businesses that are interested in investing in Wisconsin to secure their future visits to the state and set up operations in Wisconsin.

As part of the delegation, Jadin and Lora Klenke, Vice President of International Development for WEDC, will participate in the Entrepreneur’s Roundtable. Jadin will speak at the Innovation Conference to share Wisconsin’s innovative ideas as a means to persuade businesses and investors to bring investment to the state.

Jadin, and Beng Yeap, Market Development Director for WEDC, will speak at the Shanghai Minhang Administrative Seminar to share ideas on entrepreneurship support and Wisconsin’s forward leadership in creation of the WEDC.

The WEDC is also meeting with an investment group to discuss investment potential into Wisconsin and a visit to Wisconsin this fall.

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