APRIL 2018
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Supply Chain Marketplace provides a simple tool for businesses to discover suppliers


When choosing where to relocate or expand your business, it’s of utmost importance that the location you choose has the resources to fulfill your company’s needs. Many manufacturers have chosen to do business in Wisconsin in part because of the state’s robust supply chain for manufacturing. Because of this highly integrated supply chain and skilled workforce, companies can get the job done more efficiently, faster and at a better value when they choose Wisconsin.

Wisconsin’s unparalleled manufacturing supply chain is on display in the Supply Chain Marketplace, an online tool to help companies find suppliers at the click of a mouse. Wisconsin suppliers have entered their information in the database, so that when a company needs a component part or service, they can simply conduct a search to find the supplier that can provide what they’re looking for.

The Supply Chain Marketplace allows for sorting by subsector, with categories for aviation and aerospace, automotive, defense, energy systems, food and beverage, forest products, marine manufacturing, and water technology, among others. The site also enables searching by region, so that companies can find suppliers in a specific geographic area, and it allows companies to post a “request for proposals,” to which potential suppliers can then respond.

A collaborative project between WEDC and its regional partners, the Supply Chain Marketplace contains hundreds of listings, with the number growing every day. It is also the official venue through which companies can express interest in doing business with Foxconn, which will need numerous local suppliers as it completes its $10 billion manufacturing campus and begins production.

Visit www.wisupplychainmarketplace.com and browse the list of companies that are ready to help your company bring its products to life in Wisconsin.




Kristie-Pulvermacher-Headshot.pngFor more information about opportunities in bio and life sciences, water technology or medical device manufacturing, contact Kristie Pulvermacher.


Mark-RhodaReis-Headshot.pngFor information about opportunities in advanced manufacturing; energy, power and control; aerospace; or food and beverage production, contact Mark Rhoda-Reis.

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