MAY 2019

Italian probiotic company opens first U.S. facility in southeast Wisconsin


CSL-logo.pngCentro Sperimentale del Latte USA Inc. has announced plans to establish its first U.S. operations with a multimillion-dollar probiotic manufacturing facility in southeast Wisconsin, Racine County. The factory is expected to create up to 31 jobs over the next four years.

WEDC is supporting the project by authorizing up to $350,000 in state income tax credits over the next four years. The actual amount of tax credits Centro Sperimentale del Latte will receive is contingent upon the number of jobs created and the amount of capital investment during that period. To facilitate the project, the Caledonia Village Board approved a pay-as-you-go incentive that will be linked to property-tax increment financing created by the construction.

The company’s parent entity, Sacco, is an Italian corporation founded in 1948 that works in microbial cultures for food and dairy supplements. It researches, develops, manufactures and sells probiotics, lactic acid bacteria, molds and yeasts intended for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, dairy, food and agro-livestock sectors.





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