Badger Meter to expand Racine facility, add calibration capability


Badger Meter, a Milwaukee-based developer of flow measurement products, is expanding the scope of its facility in Racine, Wisconsin, a project expected to add 40 jobs over the next three years 

Badger Meter is also relocating to Racine the operations of Arizona-based Cox Instruments, which it acquired in 2010. Cox focuses on testing and calibration of flow meters, as well as supplying precision and industrial flow-measurement instrumentation for liquid and gas flow-measurement applications. Due to facility limitations, Badger Meter has opted to bring those capabilities to Wisconsin.

The move requires the Racine facility to become accredited by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Once certified, its lab will provide calibration of high-precision flow instrumentation, which will complement the company’s existing manufacturing and assembly operations.

WEDC is supporting the project by authorizing up to $250,000 in state income tax credits based on job creation over the next three years. The actual amount of tax credits Badger Meter will receive is contingent upon the number of jobs created during that time.

“Badger Meter is excited to bring more family-supporting jobs to Wisconsin from our Arizona facility,” says Rich Meeusen, chairman, president and CEO. “This is just another example of how Wisconsin is creating new job opportunities by supporting business expansion in our state.”

Badger Meter, founded in 1905, is a global leader in the design and production of flow-measurement technologies serving water utilities, municipalities, and commercial and industrial customers worldwide. Its products measure water, oil, chemicals and other fluids to provide precise measurement and control.

Badger Meter also is an active member of The Water Council, a Milwaukee-based membership organization made up of global water technology companies, innovative water entrepreneurs, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, acclaimed academic research programs and some of the nation’s brightest and most energetic water professionals. Meeusen co-founded The Water Council and is co-chairman of the organization’s board of directors.


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Mary Perry, Business and Investment Attraction Director

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