JUNE 2018

Find export success in Africa

Join WEDC for a trade venture to South Africa and Kenya September 22-October 3

Within the African continent, South Africa and Kenya are two particular markets of opportunity for Wisconsin companies. These two markets act as regional distribution nodes and key entry points to their respective parts of Africa. With English as the language of business, access to global information, a strong entrepreneurial culture and strong rule of law, these two markets are poised for growth, and are ready and eager for Wisconsin exports. Sub-Saharan Africa presents strong opportunities for Wisconsin companies offering construction equipment, power generation and distribution equipment, water technology and pollution control equipment, food processing and packaging machinery, and supplies and equipment for the tourism sector, as well as capital goods, consumer goods and franchising opportunities. Companies interested in expanding their global reach to Africa should consider joining WEDC’s trade venture to Africa, scheduled for Sept. 22 to Oct. 3.



africa-video-screen.jpgRichard Zurba is WEDC’s trade representative for sub-Saharan Africa. He has over two decades of personal experience in trade and export business development in emerging markets. In his role, he supports Wisconsin companies that are seeking to expand their products or services successfully into the region. Learn how Richard helps companies expand their exports and enter markets in sub-Saharan Africa.


SUCCESS STORY: Governor's Export Achievement Awards

Export Award Winners Photo-email.jpgThe Governor’s Export Achievement Awards recognize companies that have contributed to Wisconsin’s exporting strength by achieving extraordinary results in international markets and elevating Wisconsin’s competitiveness in the global economy. Learn about this year’s winners.


IN-COUNTRY PERSPECTIVE: Explore export opportunities in Australia

Australia is a highly developed, internationally competitive, advanced market economy. It is an open market with minimal restrictions on the import of goods and services, a factor that has served to increase productivity, stimulate growth and make the economy more flexible and dynamic. Learn why Australia should be a consideration in Wisconsin companies’ export growth strategies.


EXPORT Q&A: How to leverage global trade ventures

For companies looking to expand internationally, global trade ventures are a valuable way to directly connect Wisconsin exporters with potential customers, distributors and partners in markets beyond the borders of the U.S. Find out how WEDC’s global trade ventures can help expand your company’s international sales.


For more information about growing your business through exporting, contact Melissa Finkelstein at 608.210.6856 at melissa.finkelstein@wedc.org or visit www.wedc.org/export.

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