2017 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program Impact Report

2017-EI-Impact.pngEnsuring the success of Wisconsin's economy relies on creating a vibrant environment for entrepreneurship. That is why WEDC and its network of statewide partners are committed to helping startups reach success through WEDC's entrepreneurship and innovation programs. These initiatives are highlighted in the new Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program Impact Report, which provides data on the programs' performance in calendar year 2017 for some programs and fiscal year 2018 for other programs, depending on each program's reporting basis.

Over the 12-month period covered by the report, WEDC programs provided new assistance to 312 companies. Over the same period, 497 early-stage businesses that have received WEDC assistance reported nearly $290 million in new funding and generated over $214 million in revenue, for a total of $505 million in new capital generation, a $119 million increase from the previous year. These companies supported 1,852 full-time jobs and 810 part-time jobs in Wisconsin and paid an estimated $134 million in annual wages. In addition, WEDC's partners assisted 3,071 entrepreneurs and companies to create more than 495 new jobs and retain an additional 418 jobs through their own programs.


Invest in Wisconsin

Through partnerships, Invest in Wisconsin (IIW) secures capital to create loan funds for underserved people, communities and organizations in Wisconsin that are unable proceed on traditional financing routes. Wendy Baumann, president and chief visionary officer of Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation, shares how IIW provides resources to assist businesses in the state.  

Fasetto startup


Learn more about Fasetto, a Wisconsin-based startup dedicated to closing connectivity gaps through its powerful hardware and software solutions for file storage and sharing. Fasetto fuses the mobile computing landscape together to give users easy access to their content, empowering them to view and share with others regardless of platform, device or connection type.


To discover more about the innovation happening In Wisconsin®, contact Aaron Hagar at 608.210.6825 or by email.

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