Little Potato Co. praises Wisconsin in podcast


When it came time for Canada-based The Little Potato Company to select a U.S. headquarters, company leaders considered numerous locations, but something about Wisconsin’s culture, people and landscape swayed the company to ultimately choose DeForest, Wisconsin.


Sanford Gleddie, vice president of agriculture and business development, joined Development Counsellors International’s (DCI’s) “The Project” podcast to go deeper into why the company selected Wisconsin and how it has grown since making the move to the state.


“Wisconsin is…open for business, was how we felt,” Gleddie said in the podcast. “From its tax structure, labor, labor legislation, the whole business environment, it just felt like everyone in Wisconsin was like, ‘Yeah, come here. Set up. We’re ready to go.’”


Tricia Braun, chief operating officer of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, also joined the podcast to share how the state and the company collaborated to create not just a business deal, but an ongoing relationship to help each other grow.


“[The company was] looking for a support system that would help them along the way—whether navigating the selection process or the development process, or even things like assisting them with workforce needs, or partnerships with universities, growers, producers, suppliers, etc.we’ve been with them every step of the way,” Braun said. “And I think that’s really where Wisconsin has some pretty strong competitive advantages.”


To listen to the full podcast, visit DCI’s websiteTo listen to The Little Potato Company’s segment, start at 1:50. Otherwise enjoy a few minutes of potato facts with hosts Andy Levine and Patience Fairbrother at the beginning of the podcast.




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