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Representing 593.6 million people and 2.48 percent of the world’s GDP, South America’s Spanish-speaking countries are optimistic for their region’s economic future and prosperity. Recent years have brought numerous new trade agreements and programs that have further opened up markets in South America, including the new Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Made In America tax cut program. Wisconsin companies have excellent opportunities to begin exporting to the region, including an upcoming trade venture to Argentina and Chile from September 24-30, 2016. The trade venture will allow companies to meet with prospective business partners and learn more about the markets. Additionally, Wisconsin’s trade representative for Spanish-speaking South America will be visiting Wisconsin the week of June 6 to help companies gain market intelligence in advance of the trade venture.



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Explore New Export Opportunities in Argentina and Chile

Argentina and Chile present great exporting opportunities for Wisconsin companies looking to break into South American markets. Both countries have relatively stable economies that showed growth in the previous year and, with the help of additional free trade agreements, have tapped Wisconsin’s industry strengths including agricultural products, medical and scientific devices and clean technology. 





Making the Most of Free Trade Agreements

In recent years, free trade agreements between the U.S. and South American nations have broadened and grown more numerous, paving the way for an easier flow of goods between countries. These agreements create abundant opportunities for Wisconsin companies to fill voids in local markets and forge new relationships with foreign trade partners and customers. 




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Global Trade Venture: Argentina and Chile
Sept. 24-30, 2016
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South America Market Intelligence
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