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You can feel the impact Wisconsin’s earnest, imaginative minds have made on the world every day. Our inventiveness and persistence are credited for improvements in natural resource conservation, the development of hydroelectric power, advancements in bone marrow transplants and more.

Wisconsin has a history of being at the forefront of innovation and improving the world. When something is made here, it reflects the honesty and hard work of our people who take pride in making a lasting impact. As our key industries flourish, opportunities to lead Wisconsin to new discoveries grow.

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Leading the Way in Career Growth

Wisconsin is consistently ranked at the top, from industry development and innovation to cost of living and career opportunities.


Best State to Find a Job

Wisconsin scored high for job-market strength, opportunity and a healthy economy.

WalletHub, 2022


Best City for Gen Z to Live Well on a Budget (Madison)

Madison’s low cost of living and attractive amenities make it a top choice for Gen Z.

GOBankingRates, 2022


Best City to Launch Your Career (Milwaukee)

Milwaukee ranks well for affordable rent, good starting salaries and available opportunities.

LinkedIn, 2020

My Wisconsin Story

Our residents are some of the happiest and most ambitious people in the nation—but don’t just take our word for it. Take theirs.

“Living in Austin (Texas) was getting to be too expensive. There are a lot of opportunities in Wausau with major companies. We took promotions when we moved here. And the commute times are shorter so I get more time with my family.”

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