Water Technology

Companies representing Wisconsin's water sector

Companies representing Wisconsin’s water sector

Creating the Future of Water Technology

What does it take to be a worldwide hub of the water industry? More than 300 companies, spread throughout Wisconsin, working together to strengthen the state’s growing water technology industry. These companies employ nearly 37,000 people, account for $5.7 billion in annual sales, and are quickly making our largest city, Milwaukee, a global hotspot for the water industry.

The Place Water Calls Home

Thirty-eight water technology companies have headquarters in Wisconsin, and five of the 11 largest water companies in the world have operations here. Distributed among these industry pioneers is an active presence in 46 countries worldwide. This concentration of water industry leaders has bolstered Wisconsin’s reputation for sustainable leadership and helped make The Water Council a global authority on advanced water technology development and deployment.

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Support from the Wisconsin government combined with our state’s industry leaders provide the capability and expertise to address water technology needs.

Shaping the Water Workforce for Tomorrow

In addition to industry leadership and the leadership of the Water Council, Wisconsin academic institutions are offering unique programs that help foster today’s and tomorrow’s water technology workforce. These institutions include:

  • University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences—The nation’s only graduate school dedicated solely to freshwater research. Plus, Wisconsin offers 36 water-focused academic programs on 17 campuses throughout the state.
  • International Water Technology Center—A research center for corporate, academic and government stakeholders to address water-related issues throughout the world.
  • UW System and Water Council Partnership—A collaboration that taps the strengths of five UW campuses to integrate STEM education and create new approaches to the sustainable use of water systems.
  • Water Collaborative Innovation Platform—A partnership to rapidly expand Milwaukee’s global presence in water innovation and leadership.
  • National Science Foundation, Water Equipment & Policy—A collaboration of universities, industries and government to boost economic growth and development by studying water equipment, policy and technology.

Only in Wisconsin can you find industry innovation, a skilled workforce and ground-breaking research working together to advance water technology nationally and globally.