Industry Strengths

From biohealth to water technology, Wisconsin shines

While Wisconsin’s access to abundant fresh water and natural resources may have fueled our rise to industrial excellence, it’s our relentless hard work, passion and innovative thinking that have propelled us to modern-day leadership in tech-driven industries such as advanced manufacturing; biohealth; water technology; food and beverage processing; and energy, power and controls.

We’re always working to challenge convention, advance industry and help companies excel at what they do.

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With a business climate that encourages and rewards production and innovation, and a skilled workforce that prides itself on quality, we’ve become leaders in key industries. Wisconsin’s strong agricultural tradition has evolved and expanded to produce unmatched capabilities across the food and beverage sector. We’re drawing attention for manufacturing strengths in growing markets such as advanced machinery and material sciences. Biohealth discoveries, born in our state’s academic institutions, continue to improve health and enhance quality of life throughout the world. We’ve even invested in centers of excellence in water research, energy technology, connected systems, and biohealth to answer the challenges of sustainable resource management across the globe.


State for Manufacturing Jobs (% of Workforce)

Wisconsin has 483,000+ manufacturing jobs in the state.
Business Facilities, 2022

Only Global Water Center

In the World

Brain Concentration of STEM Talent

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Only center in the world combining industry, academia, government and talent in the water space featuring 40+ water-related organizations and 74+ visiting countries since 2013.

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