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Capital Catalyst grants announced to extend entrepreneurship support to new communities across the state

As funding for entrepreneurial ventures becomes more widely available across Wisconsin, a continuing challenge is making sure access is widespread—and that it reaches into geographic areas and social and professional networks that have not historically had as much access to these resources. WEDC’s latest round of Capital Catalyst awards aims to help with this. Read More

OnRamp Healthcare Conference promises networking opportunities for Wisconsin’s health tech startups and investors

Since 2013, the iconic Green Bay stadium has been home to the OnRamp Healthcare Conference, a day-long event connecting executives, clinicians, investors and entrepreneurs working to increase access to, and reduce the cost of, quality health care. This year’s event is scheduled for Wednesday, June 19. Read More

Governor’s Business Plan Contest features “Baker’s Dozen” at Wisconsin Entrepreneurs’ Conference

From disintegrating hypodermic needles to aircraft you can build in a garage to liquid-composite armor technology, the innovations spotlighted at the 17th annual Wisconsin Entrepreneurs’ Conference were novel and plentiful. Read More

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