Company Success Story: BluDiagnostics

Products: BluDiagnostics developed the technology for Fertility Finder, a thermometer-like device and corresponding mobile app that tests a woman’s saliva to determine fertility hormone levels, declare pregnancy and help diagnose any issues that may be hindering the pregnancy process.

Location: MadisonbluDiagnostics

Employees: 3

Founded: March 2015

Leadership: Co-founders: Katie Brenner, Jodi Schroll and Douglas Weibel

Market: The team honed in on a target market of women and couples experiencing fertility issues. The group also hopes to expand into other markets to provide information about women’s hormone levels and how to make better decisions based on their bodies.

Business Success: After struggling with fertility challenges herself, Brenner set out to find a better way to measure fertility than existing over-the-counter products or costly blood tests at private clinics. After she teamed up with fellow scientist Weibel and business-minded Schroll, BluDiagnostics entered, and subsequently won, three business competitions throughout the state. The company participated in the Governor’s Business Plan Contest and the Doyenne Group 5x5x5, as well as the Madison Pressure Chamber competition. As an added bonus to the Pressure Chamber win, BluDiagnostics was also awarded an all-expenses paid trip to Silicon Valley to meet with potential investors and network to find possible business partnerships.

Wisconsin Business Environment Benefits: As scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Katie Brenner and Douglas Weibel tapped into the state’s exceptional academic infrastructure to advance their concept of fertility and hormone testing. BluDiagnostics also leveraged the numerous opportunities for business accelerator competitions and contests throughout the state to gain access to necessary funding, mentorship and media exposure, including the Governor’s Business Plan Contest and the Doyenne Group’s 5x5x5 program.

(May 2016)